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Amy Miller Coaching
Branding Photography + DIY Jumpstart Web Design
Branding Photography + DIY Jumpstart Web Design

Visualizing Professional Growth

Amy Miller, a committed career coach, sought to have her digital presence reflect the transformative journey she facilitates for her clients. Our goal was to weave a visual identity that resonated deeply with her philosophy of professional empowerment.

In collaboration with Amy, we orchestrated a branding photoshoot, ensuring each image intimately echoed the supportive and insightful ambiance she cultivates. These photographs were meticulously chosen to infuse her Squarespace website with the essence of her coaching services.

Image Title

Image Title

Image Title

Design Synthesis

These visual elements became the cornerstone of Amy's DIY Jumpstart web design project using Squarespace, enabling us to design a sophisticated, single-page website that Amy could easily populate with her content.

The Outcome

Imagery of Empowerment

This approach empowered her with a professionally crafted design that maintained the flexibility for personalization as her business evolves. Now, Amy Miller's online space will be an inviting portal for potential clients, mirroring the guidance and personal growth she champions.

With her Squarespace site, enhanced by bespoke branding photography, Amy's professional narrative will be compellingly presented, offering a window into the life-changing coaching experiences she provides.

Lee Anne Mitchell
Photography + Video